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Title & Summary periodAdmission
The Elegance and Modernity of Kyoto: Masterpieces of Japanese-style Paintings and Crafts from the Collection of The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto has a collection of modern and contemporary art renowned as one of the most distinguished in Japan. From it, introduced here are choice masterpieces by artists who had ties with Kyoto. Through a display of fine examples of intellectually refined Japanese-style paintings by artists such as Takeuchi Seiho and Uemura Shoen and delicate or fresh crafts by Kitaoji Rosanjin, Tomimoto Kenkichi, Yagi Kazuo, and others, their elegant sense of beauty and modern sensibility are explored.
2017.04.22-06.25 general 820(650)yen,
college and high school students 410(320)yen*
Light/Electricity/God: Thunderbolts and Art

As a museum located in an area where thunderstorms often occur, we have planned an exhibition in which you can enjoy art presented with “thunderbolts,” a meteorological phenomenon we are familiar with, as the theme. There are works representing thunder, works expressing images of the thunder god or thunderbolts, and works representing electricity, light, or sound suggested by thunderbolts. Workshops and other events are also planned.
2017.07.15-09.03 general 610(480)yen,
college and high school students 300(240)yen*
Livres d'enfance français, Collection Kashima Shigeru

This is the first time for these French picture books treasured for many years in the collection of rare Western books belonging to Kashima Shigeru, a scholar of French literature, to be shown in public. They date mainly from the late nineteenth century, when fine children's books emerged, to the early twentieth century, when subtle, modern, and lively pictures played the leading role. The entirety of this collection rich in charming, beautiful French picture books is revealed here.
2017.09.23-12.24general 820(650)yen,
college and high school students 410(320)yen*
Stylish Old Imari Ware - Pottery Designed to Edo Tastes

Imari ware was the first Japanese-made porcelain, which began to be produced in the present Arita, Saga at the beginning of the Edo period. From the mid-Edo period onwards, once the daily life of the people became easier, luxurious and splendid styles were replaced by the production of practical tableware that suited the townsfolk's lifestyle flourishing in Edo. Shown in Japan for the first time, this collection introduces the background of Edo “sophistication.”
2018.01.20-04.08general 610(480)yen,
college and high school students: 300(240)yen*
* Group discount rates are shown in parentheses.
Sculptor's Studio(Annex)
Title period
From the François Pompon Archives : A Turning Point in François Pompon’s Career: From around 1922 and 1923 2017.04.22-06.25
From the François Pompon Archives : François Pompon and the Artists around Him 2017.07.15-09.03
From the François Pompon Archives : On François Pompon’s Owls and Eagle Owls
From the François Pompon Archives : The Influence of Ancient Art on François Pompon

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