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Title & Summary periodAdmission
Kumagai Morikazu: Cherishing All Lives

Born in Gifu, Kumagai Morikazu (1880-1977) found academic art education unsatisfying from his young days and continued to closely watch and depict tiny, endearing “lives” of flowers, cats, birds, insects, etc. In his later years, he established a “Morikazu style” characterized by clear-cut contours and color planes. This exhibition traces the transition of his artistic career from the early stage to the final years in an attempt to explore the charm of his works, which reveal a universal presence in plain images.
2019.04.20-06.23 general 820(650)yen,
college and high school students 410(320)yen*
Observation: Artists Confronting the Wonder of Looking Intently (tentative title)

This exhibition focuses on seven artists, namely Asami Takako, Iba Yasuko, Kaneda Mio, Kodama Yasue, Tsugami Miyuki, Hidaka Rieko, and Mizumura Ayako. How each one of these currently active artists pursues the wonder of “looking” at her surroundings, perceives them, and expresses them in a way of her own is examined.
2019.07.13-09.16 general 610(480)yen,
college and high school students 300(240)yen*
The World of Picasso’s Guernica (tentative title)

In 1937, shocked by the indiscriminate bombing which occurred in the civil war in his native Spain, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) painted a monumental work entitled Guernica. Demarcating the tradition of painterly representation, in addition to a political message of antifascism, he also portrays his agony as an artist and a human being. Centered around a full-scale tapestry of the original painting, through related works and materials, this exhibition considers the significance and background of Guernica and Picasso’s art.
2019.10.05-12.08general 820(650)yen,
college and high school students 410(320)yen*
* Group discount rates are shown in parentheses.
Sculptor's Studio(Annex)
Title period
From the François Pompon Archives :Pompon and the Orient 2019.04.20-06.23
From the François Pompon Archives : Pompon’s Hometown Burgundy 2019.07.13-09.16
From the François Pompon Archives : The Zoo and Pompon

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