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Title & Summary periodAdmission
Picture Books, Animals, and the Earth: The Song of Life Played by Eight Illustrators

In this exhibition, symbiosis with living creatures is considered through works by picture book authors and others. There are more than 200 works including original pictures and new drawings by eight illustrators who look intently at animals and continue to depict them with a sincere attitude, namely Abe Hiroshi, Oda Takashi, Kikuchi Chiki, Kikuchi Hideo, Sonoda Eri, Doi Kaya, Murakami Yasunari, and Yamaguchi Mao.
2016.04.16-06.26 general 610(480)yen,
college and high school students 300(240)yen*
Rediscovering Three-Dimensional Art in Japan

As Western sculpture became widely known in Japan from the Meiji period onwards, were the conventional aesthetic senses consigned to oblivion? The reality and decorativeness of life-sized dolls and netsuke are different from Western realism and the stylized forms of daruma (dolls modeled after Bodhidharma) or manekineko (beckoning cats) lead to contemporary yuru-chara (costumed mascot characters). In this exhibition, three-dimensional art in Japan is explored beyond the frameworks of sculpture and craftwork.
2016.07.16-09.19 general 610(480)yen,
college and high school students 300(240)yen*
Standing on the Earth, Looking up into the Sky

Tatebayashi is located at the center of the Kanto Plain. Standing in the front garden of our Museum, which corresponds with this flat land, you realize that the earth without anything blocking the view and the vast sky can also be an abstract space reflecting the inside or a story. Through “landscapes” shown in paintings, photographs, and video works by contemporary artists, here, the existence of nature and that of human beings is considered. Projects related to views of the area including Tatebayashi will be introduced and workshops will be held.
2016.10.08-12.04general 820(650)yen,
college and high school students 410(320)yen*
Seimiya Naobumi and Works by Other Artists in the Museum Collection (tentative title)

It will be the centennial of the birth of Seimiya Naobumi (1917-1991) in 2017. Seimiya's works are known for the tranquil and dreamlike world he depicts and are admired by many people. Works by Seimiya deposited in our Museum including woodcuts printed in intricate color tones and glass paintings full of poetic sentiment are introduced together with works by Fujimaki Yoshio, Minami Keiko, Karasawa Hitoshi, and others.
2017.01.04-04.02general 410(320)yen,
college and high school students: 200(160)yen*
* Group discount rates are shown in parentheses.
Sculptor's Studio(Annex)
Title period
From the François Pompon Archives: On His Rabbits 2016.04.16-06.26
From the François Pompon Archives: Pompon's Studio 2016.07.16-09.19
From the François Pompon Archives: Pompon and Stone Sculpture
From the François Pompon Archives: Pompon and the Critic Robert Rey

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